On Running Away

I’m going to be honest here: I don’t really know what I am doing.

Basically I just need to start adding more to this blog aside from an introduction and if I don’t start writing something I never will. (Guess that sorta applies to life as well)

17521831_1430492920323653_202015947_o.jpgFERNIE HAS BEEN AMAZING. There, that’s out of the way. It was one of the best truly spontaneously decisions I have ever made, but I don’t really know why I made it. Basically, I was at a crossroads in life; degree in hand, no clear path, no job. So when I was invited to live here, I just went for it. I don’t know if I was running towards an opportunity or away from the stagnation of doing “nothing”. Probably both.

I don’t want to turn this blog into a diary, so I’ll spare the meta-monologuing. My apologies – let’s continue.

Running away from my past state of stagnation has led to some of the most unforgettable memories, amazing friends, and incredible experiences I could have ever hoped for. What I thought was “running away” was actually “running towards”.

Running towards an opportunity of a lifetime.

happiness real when sharedLike Chris McCandless, I too have discovered that happiness is only real when shared, and the people I have shared this season with (Paige, Rachert, Bradert, Steph & Mitch, Steffi, Pete, Jimmy, Jake, Gaston, Chip, Adam, Stu, and Angelica) have become my home away from home. They have turned Fernie into a life event instead of a town name—they have made Fernie into not just a way to stave off my October boredom, but have made my four months in this town an experience I would never give up.

I guess, by looking back, what I have learned from making a truly spontaneous life decision is that by saying yes to new and unfamiliar opportunities, the whole idea of “running away” doesn’t matter.

I may have been in a situation where the sensation of total uncertainty was strong, but because the experience I had here was so positive, it hardly feels like I ran away from anything at all. Just ran into some rad people in a rad place and had a very rad time.

17692779_1430493033656975_1268598459_oThis concept of “running towards” is spilling into other aspects of my life—I’m running towards a new and exciting opportunity in Australia. Running towards new friendships, new adventures, and maybe some new surfing skills!

When I graduated, I thought that I would “run away” from post-grad life by going to Australia. Now I know I am running towards an adventure filled with what are sure to be amazing new characters in my story.

Thanks for reading – Cheers!!


As promised, here’s a pair of songs that have been on repeat in my head the last few days. Enjoy 🙂

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