An Informal Introduction

“Who are you and why do you have this website?”

Now, nobody has actually said that, but maybe they will one day. Plus I needed something to talk about while I launch this website and blog… I got tired of seeing an empty blog page.


Who am I?


Well, the boring answer is that I am a twenty-something university grad with a bachelor of commerce with a major in marketing from the U of A who lives in Fernie, BC, works at a ski hill in the purchasing department, has zero pets, one mountain bike, two sisters, and three different pairs of mittens. I was born in Edmonton, grew up in Lacombe, did french immersion through grade school… AAAANNNNDDDDD I’ve lost you, haven’t I.  We can’t have that, so let’s get to the exciting answer—Stat!

Now, the exciting answer is that I am a super rad twenty-something with the most incredible friends anyone could ask for, an impeccable (though eclectic) taste in music offset by a depressingly sad taste in coffee, dreams of motorcycling around Australia in late 2017/most of 2018, a love of guitar playing, skiing, hiking, long boarding, and mountain biking, and a family that means the world to me. (Hi mom, if you’re reading giphy1this!) I strive to make the world a better place in any way I can, doing anything from helping someone reach the groceries off of the top shelf to volunteering as a supportive listener or being an LGBTQ+ educational panelist.

The short “Reader’s Digest” answer
is that I am a music-obsessed wanderer who’s life motto is “be a good person”. That’s basically it.


But wait! You may be saying:
“Hey Alex!”
“You said you’d explain why you made this site!”
“Oh right. I basically made this site to start documenting a bit more of my life, especially my upcoming trip to Australia. I also want to get more comfortable with basic website creation and maybe get hired someday.”
“Thanks yo!”

Yeah, so that’s basically my first blog post. I made it! And I presume that if you are still reading this that you made it too. YAY! Look at us go!

One last thing!

Remember when I said I was music-obsessed? Well  I am, and I plan on ending every blog post with a song or two that I have been really enjoying lately in the hopes that you will enjoy it too. Thanks for reading (and please leave a comment if you have any feedback!)

Cheers! *clink*

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