Tasmania? More like Tasmani-YASSSSS (part 2)

The hunt for the elusive PlatyDevil

My hunt for the PlatyDevil (aka either a platypus or a Tasmanian devil) began the minute I landed in Tasmania, and every time I got near a river or creek at dusk or dawn, my senses went into high alert. Well, spoiler alert for the rest of this blog, I never find either of them.


And this is a biiiig but. (Sir Mix A Lot Would Be Proud)


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Is luck real (or is it all in our heads?)

Every once in a while, life throws days at you where you just don’t know what on earth is going on. Is the day good? Bad? Somewhere in between? And does having a good or bad day make you lucky, unlucky, or is it all in my head?

Well, this story is about one of those days I had while motorcycling across BC and me trying to figure out what it means.

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