Is luck real (or is it all in our heads?)

Every once in a while, life throws days at you where you just don’t know what on earth is going on. Is the day good? Bad? Somewhere in between? And does having a good or bad day make you lucky, unlucky, or is it all in my head?

Well, this story is about one of those days I had while motorcycling across BC and me trying to figure out what it means.

I suppose I will start by making the first part of this story as short as possible.

A shot from earlier in the day

As I was biking on a very busy road through the middle of nowhere (Beyond Hope…. Literally, east of Hope, BC on Highway 3), there was a big accident and traffic was backed up for kilometres; as far as you could see. To find out if the traffic would move again or if the road was closed for good, a group of people at the back of the line sent me to the front to find out what was up.

Well, as I was motorcycling past this huge lineup, I had to sneak into the lane, where I fit just perfectly. I could have easily stayed, bumping my way past hundreds of cars, and getting out of there far sooner. Buuuuuut I decided to make the “right” choice, and returned back to the very end of the lineup to report my findings to the crew that sent me.

Many were surprised that I came back, but I remember one lady who said “bless you for coming back. I don’t know if you believe in karma, but I just know that good things are going to happen to you.”

Well thank you, lady!

I don’t know what I believe in necesarily, but I’ll take what I can get.

Anyways, fast forward a few hours… Good things are NOT coming to me.

I’m stranded in the forest, accidentally taking a road WAY beyond my riding abilities. I have dropped the bike at least twice, I cannot turn around, the sun is setting, my pulse is probably at like 160 and I’m pretty sure I threw out my back trying to pick up the motorcycle over and over on the steep hill.

I know that I just need to get out of this situation by riding down a narrow, rocky, steep downhill, under a tree limb, through a ditch, all somehow without falling off the washed-out trail on a ledge about 20 feet up.

Despite this all, I flash back to the woman telling me that things are going to be okay – she was so wrong, I actually laughed out loud in the forest at how screwed I was. If I stayed at the front of the line, would I be in the same situation I am now? Would the butterfly effect have prevented this situation? Who knows.


About 30 minutes later, I (by some stroke of divine kindness or luck or something) make it off the trail, dropping the bike only 2 more times—neither of which was over the edge, and bounce my way through the ditch and back onto the road. I find the nearest town, google a campsite (which turned out to be just me camping in a farmers field for ten bucks), and show up just as darkness begins to fall.

I am so ready for this day to end.

As I am setting up the tent, the neighbouring camper trailer opens up, and a woman comes walking out with a bowl of curry. “I hope you’re hungry! I made a bit much for my family, but I get the feeling you could use some.”


Hell yeah I want some curry!! I wolf it down as I set up my tent (it was DELICIOUS), wash the dish in the river, and return it to her.

I guess maybe this is the good thing the lady from the highway was talking about?

This was NOT taken the day of this story, but from a few days before… I was far too stressed to remember to take a picture!

Once camp is set, I notice some other bikers in a site and so I wander on over to say hi, and find out about any good roads. Well no sooner that I show up, and there is a beer in my hand and a table full of company. One beer turns into 4 more and I have one of the best evenings of my trip! Chatting with a bunch of retired motorcyclists, drinking beer, and swapping tales of adventure gone by.

I pass out that night in my tent next to the creek and start to think back on the day. I really have no idea what I believe in. Did the lady’s luck actually give my day a good ending? Was it all in my head? Am I just a lucky person? Did my day suck and I didn’t even realize it?

Probably. Maybe. I don’t know. But I also don’t really care.

Life throws you both bad and good, and it seems to me that by hunting through all the ickiness to find a little nugget of good, however small… THAT’S what is important.



Thanks for sticking with me and reading my newest post! I’ll be trying to add new ones every week or 2, so stay tuned!  I’m always down for constructive criticism as I try to figure out blogging, and I always appreciate feedback.

As always, here’s a couple songs I’ve been listening to lately. Enjoy!! (and let me know if you prefer these in Youtube or Spotify mode in the poll below the songs)



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