Fernie Year End Video

My super rad friend Paige just made a ridiculous, incredible video detailing the comical, camaradical, and drunken shenanigans that was the very last day at the Fernie ski hill in the 2016-17 season. A few hot dogs may or may not have been violated, and a few hugs and good times were most definitely had.


Back and (hopefully) better than ever!

Hello humans of the internet!

Sooooo as I’m sure you know (or could figure out by reading when my last blog post was written), I absolutely suck at keeping up with this website—maybe something to do with intention? Anyways, there’s a bunch of reasons for this including having no laptop and being in a not great place emotionally, BUT both of those situations have been largely improved and I am now trying to come up with a blog format that will work better for me and will allow me to stay motivated to keep you up to date on parts of my life. Continue reading “Back and (hopefully) better than ever!”