G’Day From The Land Down Unda


Hello hello! It has been quite a while, but I have been very busy adventuring and having fun, and so you’ll have to forgive me for not being glued to my laptop 😉

So far, I am thinking that this will be a slightly different blog style than the others – I am hoping that this will be more photo and story focused and less introspective than the others. More just like a life/story update. With lots of pictures!

So, where do I begin? I guess with a few key highlights 😀 


“Holy crap I think I just saw a koala!” – Blandine

The random people I have met along the way are such a joy to me, and though the connections we have had are all fleeting, they are no less precious to me. The german lady on her first night of camping, the couple I drank port with in the pouring rain, the 2 sets of couples I went for beer with overlooking the ocean, the French family I met hiking down from Mount Oberon, the guy I went spontaneously 4x4ing with through the state forest, the farmer who showed me the most beautiful road through the eucalyptus plantation… the list goes on and on!

There have been so many lovely people I have met along the way and each of them has just enriched the experience a little bit more. Though the connections are quick, their impact is lasting, and I think that we all leave having learned a bit more about the world.


Sometimes this is the people who start off as “random people” and sometimes this is just reconnecting with old friends; either way, the deeper connections made, the stories shared, and memories remembered are such precious moments that have made this trip incredible! With the Steph and her family, I went kayaking for the first time, enjoyed many barbecues and days at the pool, and listened to the TripleJ Hottest 100 for the first time in Australia in their company as well. Reconnecting with Mitch and Jimmy was, though short, very sweet as well!

Ferns are my favourite, especially when they are as cute as this one.

I also travelled down the Great Ocean Road and through the Grampians with Charlotte and Blandine, the two greatest French people I have ever met. (Thank you to the Nunnery for introducing us!) As well as meeting Jamie and Corrine and Tjeu and Jerry and Lisse and Thomas and all of the other people who I was lucky enough to explore Melbourne and all of its treasures with.


Coco gets me where I need to go! We both love it when the road is as gorgeous as this.

Growing up in Alberta, nearly every road seems to be one of the townships either exactly 1 or 2 miles between intersections, flat, gravel, boringggggg. Either that or Highway 2, which is just as boring. Well here, oh my goodness, the roads are just ridiculously fun!! As soon as you get out of the cities (which suck to drive in) and the Hume (which is just the worst… Average speed cameras? No thanks!), the roads are just far too fun.

Not sure who is checking who out here.

Winding and twisting their way through endlessly changing landscapes, the roads make the journey truly as great as the destination. And with my car, Coco, (usually) up for the challenge, there aren’t many roads too intense for us. Whether driving on/along a beach, through what feels like a rainforest, through a river valley, up and down mountains, or off-roading through the state forests, the roads are just far too much fun and have become one of my favourite parts of the trip. That will probably change once I drive on Australia’s longest straight road in a few months, but for now I’m loving them!


Can’t get enough of that gorgeous ocean!

Honestly every facet of this trip has been a small part of one wonderful experience, but I do not want to bore your eyes out (plus I need more content for the next posts) so here I shall stop for now.

Thanks for reading and thanks also for your patience between posts; I rarely have internet, and when there’s so many beaches and mountains to explore, I don’t find myself on my laptop very often.

Anyways, as always, here’s a few songs I’ve been enjoying lately that have some memories for me on my trip!


5 thoughts on “G’Day From The Land Down Unda

  1. Matt

    OMG your pictures and writing blow me away! So talented for sure my dude. Just knowing you are having a good time makes me happy cause even tho we don’t really know each other, you inspire me to adventure more.


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